Why Castor?

We are easy to use, complete, affordable and secure.

“Without any training I was able to create my database immediately”

As a researcher you are extremely busy. That is why Castor is

  • Available – start building now, without waiting for a contract
  • Intuitive – no training or technical background required to start
  • Accessible – Supports IE, Firefox, Chrome, tablets, Windows & MacOSX
  • Well supported – available free of charge

Castor can do everything you expect from an EDC and more:

  • Multicenter capabilities including advanced user management
  • Stratified randomization
  • Patient surveys via e-mail
  • Imports (CSV) & exports (HL7, Excel, SPSS)
  • Real-time calculations and field dependencies
  • … and much, much more. For a full list see the features page

Our goal is to make professional data capture available to all researchers, which is why:

  • Small studies are free (see current offer terms)
  • We are 30-70% cheaper than our competition
  • We give up to 60% discount to institutes that sign a central contract with us

To see what your study would cost, take a look at the pricing page

Castor puts safety first, which applies to our:

  • Systems – advanced account- and rights management, enforced strong passwords and login through SSL
  • Availability – four backups per day, redundant servers, failed hardware is replaced within 3 hours, 99.98% uptime
  • Servers – hosting in the Netherlands (compliant with EU Data Protection Directive) with a 24×7 data center that is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO9001 certified
  • Networking – shielded servers with limited set of ports and services, intrusion detection system, database not accessible from the Internet
  • … For more information see our security statement

Castor has been audited on GCP compliance by Profess Medical Consultancy and has obtained a GCP compliance certificate. We have recently started the process to obtain the ISO 27001: 2013 certification.

Convinced? Start building now!